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I'm glad you found your way here. My name is Sheldon Schwartz.
I hope you'll find all the information you need about me and my hand crafted acoustic guitars
so you can make an informed choice on your next six (or seven) stringed acquisition.
I've been building guitars full time since 1992.  During that time, I have developed three models:
the Advanced Auditorium, the Pinnacle Fingerstyle Guitar with 6 or 7 strings, and the futuristic Oracle Fingerstyle Guitar.

Here are VIDEOS of some fantastic players rocking their CUSTOM MADE SCHWARTZ!

Here is an article from May 15, 2013 on the website How to Spend It by the Financial Times of London.
It features my British Dealer, The Acoustic Music Company, and highlights the Schwartz Oracle he presently has for sale.

This is an article on me in The Star from December 05, 2012 by Andrew Seale

And here's an interview with

I'm always happy to talk guitars
and answer any questions you may have. Sheldon Schwartz,
Schwartz Guitars

telephone: 905-729-0024

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One of the only ORACLES
for sale in the entire Universe can be found at

There is a lot of information on this site
which I have condensed into
Models at a Glance

                                         advanced auditorium   pinnacle fingerstyle                       

                                             Advanced Auditorium           Pinnacle Fingerstyle              Oracle Fingerstyle         

Schwartz Guitars News

                                                        CHECK OUT MICHAEL CHAPDELAINE ON HIS ORACLE

                                                         AND ERIK MONGRAIN PLAYS HIS CUSTOM PINNACLE




                                                      Thanks to Erik Mongrain, JJ Coolidge and Matt Track
                               for their fantastic performances at the Schwartz Guitars Concert in Montreal!



The Sugoi Model is a Schwartz SJ, modified to meet Masa Sumide’s specs.
I met Masa in 2007 and got to spend some time with him one on one to discuss his playing needs.
From that meeting, Masa decided that he liked the feel of the longer scale and the drop top arm rest,
but needed a smaller body size, so these features were incorporated into the SJ.

Masa used this guitar to record his latest CD, Believe in Me.
This recording features Masa's brilliant composing,
his virtuoso playing and some intense grooves.
I believe! This is a must have for all fingerstyle fans.


JB playing Oracle
JB Davies showcasing ORACLE #1
at the 2005 Healdsburg Guitar Festival ...
and then he ordered one!
Read what JB has to say about
his new Oracle here.

Oracle sound holes


Oracle sideview





Oracle cutaway


Read what Tom says about his new beauty.



                                                              Billy McLaughlin's left handed Oracle


                                                          In memory of Brandon Creasman 1967 - 2010





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