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THE ORACLE FINGERSTYLE GUITAR incorporates a unique combination of functional elements that sets it apart from current guitar designs.  It is a truly modern guitar both inside and out.

Structurally and ergonomically, the Oracle combines new advancements in construction and modern innovations in exterior treatments that dramatically enhance the sound and playability.

After conceptualizing these ideas, I gave much consideration and paid careful attention to the esthetics of the instrument.  It is important that the shapes and proportions of a guitar be pleasing to the eye and denote studio-quality sound and effortless playability.

Oracle cutawayOracle headstock





The Oracle is only available as a cutaway and includes the cutaway extension bevel, the bent wood style arm rest, three elliptical soundholes, a 5pc laminated neck with 24 frets, a rear access panel and the new Oracle headstock with the Schwartz Guitars logo.

The Oracle has the same interior structural features that create the high performance sound characteristics of the Pinnacle.  Briefly, they are:  the carbon fibre-reinforced lattice-braced soundboard, the double walled side construction, the carbon fibre reinforced "X" braced back and a 26 inch scale. 

If you want more in-depth information on these features, please see the Pinnacle Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar.

Oracle soundholes             Oracle cutaway           Oracle detail              Oracle armrest

The most obvious difference from the Pinnacle is the three elliptical soundholes. The traditional placement of the soundhole is in one of the areas of highest stress.  To compensate for this, extra bracing is required to strengthen the area around the "hole" in the top.  By moving the soundholes out of this area to a place that is less critical both structurally and acoustically,  I have done away with the required bracing and opened up this prime real-estate to vibrate freely and produce sound.
Moving the soundholes to the bass side of the upper bout has the added effect of making the guitar distinctly more audible to the player.  This also created some extra space at the end of the fingerboard for some additional frets. Having 24 frets only makes sense if they are accessible.  I've done that with the extension bevel in the cutaway.  Believe it or not, this makes the 24th fret reachable while still having your thumb around the heel of the neck. 
The design takes up minimal air space inside the box and the interior structure of the Oracle allows these high notes to ring true, without the characteristic "plink" you might expect.  While most if not all guitar music does not require those notes, it is because they have not been available on an acoustic guitar up until now.  I'm sure that with the Oracle, someone will create music that uses them.

The unique bent wood style armrest that I have developed is so subtle, its almost invisible.   It does not interrupt the symmetry of the lower bout but still provides effective support for the right arm.  Many players have lauded the benefits of an armrest, and it has become a common feature on custom guitars these days.

Sonically, the Oracle has many of the characteristics of the Pinnacle.  Its very responsive to a light touch, but can handle hard playing or strumming without overdriving the top.  They are very loud guitars, that project the sound towards the audience like the Pinnacle.  People have described the sound of the Pinnacle as "piano-esque".  A common term used with the Oracle is "cello-like".  The extra soundboard area in front of the bridge, where the soundhole usually is, helps to create a unique voice for this instrument that is clear, articulate and super-balanced with a wide dynamic range. The Oracle Fingerstyle Guitar, like the Pinnacle, has been designed to perform best in open tunings with medium strings.

If you haven't already, read some reviews of the Oracle.


                                                    INTRODUCING  The Oracle 25.5. 
                                    A versatile fingerstyle guitar for light or medium strings
                                                      and standard or open tunings.




Oracle Fingerstyle Guitar Specifications:

  • Lower bout: 16 inches
  • Scale length: 25.5 or 26 inches
  • Nut width: 1 13/16 " standard, optional: 1 3/4 "
  • String space: 2 3/8 " standard, optional: 2 1/4 "
  • Neck to body joint: Dovetail
  • Bridge: Ebony pinless
  • Tuners: Black Gotoh 510's
  • Back and sides: East Indian Rosewood
  • Soundboard: Master-Grade Sitka Spruce
  • Neck: 5 pc. laminated
  • Fingerboard: Multi-Radius, Ebony
  • Side dots: Brass or M.O.P.
  • 12th fret marker: 2 brass rings
  • Hard shell case
  • Lifetime Warranty

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