JB playing Oracle





"Sheldon Schwartz : One of the most interesting instruments at the entire show was the offset soundhole instrument by Sheldon Schwartz. Everywhere you look on this instrument there was an interesting feature that either enhanced the function or the visual impact.
A lot of us have been aware of Sheldon for some time now and it was obvious at this show that his unique designs have demanded an even wider appreciation for his impeccable work!"

David Wren, 12th Fret
(review of Healdsburg Guitar Festival)

"Hi Sheldon,
You really raised the bar with this one ... the Oracle you made for me sets a new standard.
This guitar resonates like a piano. It's loud without being boomy.
The tone is even and clear. The guitar plays like a dream and the workmanship
is perfect. All in all, an incredible guitar.
Did I mention the way it looks, it's truly a functional piece of art.
The bearclaw spruce top is the prettiest I've ever seen, well worth the wait.
Thanks again, I really love this guitar."
T Boaks, MI

Just wanted to let you know what a soulful beautiful guitar this is. I still
haven't plugged it in if you can believe it but now that everything is adjusted
and it has settled in I'm playing it non stop. Really sounds good and handles an
aggressive attack. Thanks so much for this wonderful instrument. You are without
a doubt one of the best on the planet at this!!!"
JB Davies, MI

"Hey Sheldon,
I read the article on 12fret's web site and its great! But as good as it is, I thought that there is more to say about your quality and innovation. So I'm going to just spell it out right now because your skills as a builder, player and artist have culminated a perfectly blended harmony that is now fully reflected in your craft. I know this because I've seen all the hard work that you've done in order to do the work that you presently do.
With regards to the "Acoustic Guitar" in it's essential pure form, I think that your Oracle model is probably the first guitar in a long long time to incorporate enough interior and exterior engineering improvements to qualify it as a true "next generation" guitar. This is not merely hype because your axe was validated and will be further validated via the tone and playability by actual players. Of course, the casual listeners will like it too. And I like the fact that you have also taken care to preserve an overall tasteful character esthetic so that a traditionalist like myself can still feel at home with the Oracle model.
Great job! Can't wait to get mine!"

D Wodnicki, MI

I was so impressed with the Oracle - thats why I ordered one on the spot!
I am really picky about playability and tone, and the Oracle really excelled in both.  I thought the Oracle was something special though, obviously.  I remember two years ago really liking the Pinnacle.  That was excellent, but the Oracle is so unique and has actually made me rethink the typical E to E concert Pitch tuning. If you can get a cello like tone that does not muddy up when you play it, then it is really just as versatile as the standard tuning if not more so.  The trick was achieving baritone-like tone while maintaining enough good note separation."

T Gindorf, CA

Last week, Ledward Kaapana stayed with us. He had 8 days of shows in Northern California. On Monday, we had a chance to play together and he heard my guitar for the first time. To say the least, he was blown away. Taylor had just given him a new one for his work at a recent workshop they sponsored in Hawaii. We sounded so good together and that he asked me to sit in with him on all of the remaining gigs last week. We did 6 shows together, one at the Great American Music Hall is S.F., one at the Crystal Bay Casino, on Lake Tahoe, and other venues. The sound system at the Crystal Bay Casino cost $150,000, and the engineer came up to me and asked me about my guitar. He said that he had never heard a guitar sound so good."

R Johnson, CA

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