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THE PINNACLE FINGERSTYLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR has been developed specifically for modern fingerstylists, tappers and 'heavy wood' players.
While looking much like a regular guitar on the outside, it has been completely redesigned inside - to optimize fingerstyle performance in open tunings.

This extremely versatile Schwartz Guitar is balanced, responsive and expressive, with a pianoesque sound and a wide dynamic range from soft to loud.

Except for the pinless bridge, the ordinary facade of the Pinnacle gives no hint of the extraordinary cutting-edge performance you'll enjoy with this guitar.


The innovative power plant of this guitar is the very light but extremely strong carbon fibre-reinforced, lattice-braced soundboard. The light weight allows the top to respond easily, even with the reduced tension of open tunings. The strength means the guitar can be played hard without 'overdriving' the top. This is combined with a longer scale length of 26 inches, equal to the long classical scale of 660 mm, so the low E string can be tuned down to an A (with medium strings) and have enough tension to be played and produce a rich sound.

A common problem that fingerstyle players face is the variations in action that occur when going from one tuning to the next. This has been eliminated in the Pinnacle with my unique double-walled side design.
The double wall makes the sides of the guitar very stiff, without adding much weight. The added strength of the sides greatly reduces the flexibility of the box, which translates into no movement between tunings of differing tensions.

Pinnacle             12th fret marker              Pinnacle headstock              Pinnacle neckjoint

The strength of the double wall combined with the very light but strong soundboard has the added effect of producing more volume. This phenomenon, called the Impedance Dam Effect, involves the reflecting of the vibrations of the top, back toward the center of the soundboard, with less loss of energy than the standard sides and linings found on all other guitars.
This results in more of the string's energy being transformed into audible sound. The player can get more volume with hard playing than with a guitar of standard construction. The light weight of the soundboard means that soft passages are still articulate and lush.

The final ingredient necessary for all the parts of this new design to work together is the back.
By redesigning the back using an "X"; brace reinforced with carbon fibre, the lower bout responds as a whole (rather than as separate and distinct areas between the braces as with the standard ladder-braced back).
The difference in sound quality, particularly in the lower registers is so impressive, that I've started using the X-braced back on the Advanced Auditorium as well.

With all this talk about carbon fibre, an interesting note is that because of its strength, very little is needed to get the desired effect. It's very easy to use too much and make the guitar too strong and less responsive.
In the three years of developing this model, I have pared down the total amount of carbon fibre used to less than 12 grams on the entire guitar.
I have designed this guitar specifically for open tunings with medium strings, or to be tuned to concert pitch with light strings. With a modified nut, you can even strap on a set of baritone strings and tune from B to B.

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Pinnacle Fingerstyle Guitar Specifications:

  • Lower bout: 16 inches
  • Scale length: 25.5 or 26 inches
  • Nut width: 1 3/4" standard, optional: 1 13/16"
  • String space: 2 1/4" standard, optional: 2 3/8"
  • Neck to body joint: Dovetail
  • Bridge: Ebony, pinless
  • Tuners: chrome Schaller minis
  • Back and sides: East Indian Rosewood or Mahogany
  • Soundboard: Master-grade Sitka Spruce
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Multi-radius, Ebony
  • Binding: Macassar Ebony
  • Rosette: Wood or Abalone
  • Side dots: Brass
  • 12th fret marker: 2 brass rings
  • Hard shell case
  • Lifetime Warranty

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