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The Schwartz Pinnacle 7 String Fingerstyle Acoustic Guitar                                           Pinnacle Fingerstyle



PERSONALLY, I have enough trouble playing six strings, but that's why I'm here building them and you're there playing them!

The Pinnacle 7 String Acoustic Guitar has all the features of the original Pinnacle with the bracing beefed up slightly to withstand the added tension.  There's all kinds of creative ways to use the extra string.  I've used a set of Newtone Baritone strings - gauges .066 to .017 and added a high E string of .013.  Tune to standard pitch with a low B on the bottom or tune to DADGAG and put an A on the bottom.  There's no reason why you couldn't put a medium set of strings on it and add a higher tuned string to the top.  The possibilities are endless.



The Pinnacle 7 String takes advantage of the unique construction features that I've developed to create a responsive guitar with deep, resonant basses and singing trebles.  Tuning the lowest string down to an A presents no problems. 

The Pinnacle 7 lends itself to a wide variety of musical styles and guitar playing techniques that modern guitarists will find inspirational and fun.

Pin 7 bridge              Pin 7 headstock              Pin7 soundhole              Pin 7 detail


Pinnacle 7 Fingerstyle Guitar Specifications:

  • Lower bout: 16 inches
  • Scale length: 26 inches
  • Nut width: 2 5/32" or to customer specifications
  • String space: 2 7/8" standard, or to customer specs
  • Neck to body joint: Dovetail
  • Bridge: Ebony, pinless
  • Tuners: 7 chrome Gotoh minis
  • Back and sides: East Indian Rosewood or Mahogany
  • Soundboard: Master-grade Sitka Spruce
  • Neck: 5 pc. laminated
  • Fingerboard: Multi-radius, Ebony
  • Binding: Macassar Ebony, Bird's Eye Maple,
    or any wood I have in stock
  • Rosette: Wood or Abalone
  • Side dots: Brass or M.O.P.
  • 12th fret marker: 2 brass rings
  • Hard shell case
  • Lifetime Warranty

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