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Sailor Sam Mermaid "I have to tell you that after a couple of years of ownership, I still have my breath taken away from me when I open the case. Then I play it. Then I faint."
U. Madden, TX.

"Pete went to my latest performance on Saturday. He thought the sound from my guitar was incredible and went on to say that it really outperformed the other guitars that were played that night. It's always good to hear that your equipment sounds good from someone who has a critical ear"
M. Hawks, secretary, Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society.

White Tail "Everyone is amazed by the "Whitetail:, they can't believe the sound that comes out of this guitar, and I'm with them. It really is a work of art, both the inlay work and the sound that surrounds everyone in ear-shot."
N. "Bucky" Blaugh, PA.

"As a collector of many of the finest fingerstyle guitars available, my Schwartz is on the short list of the guitars I love the most. Its tonal qualities and ease of play are truly unparalleled. This particular guitar is so visually stunning that I receive many inquiries regarding it when it's played out of the house. Thank you so much for this wonderful, cherished instrument!"
J.B. Davies, President and co-founder of the Michigan Fingerstyle Guitar Society.

"They are the best steel string guitars I have played."
N. Douglas, ON.

"The guitar is continuing to open up and the sound just keeps getting better. I couldn't be happier"
D. Wodnicki, MI.

"The guitar is great. Looks very classy and stylish and sounds fantastic. Really a tone monster among acoustics."
A. "Cosmo" Golds, CA.

"As Chuck told you, everyone at the G.A.L. show thought the guitar was "hot". It was a lot of fun showing it off."
Chuck and Cheryl Erikson, CA.

"The few who have seen my Schwartz were very impressed. They know that Breedlove, Goodall and Larrivee all make great instruments, but they were in awe at your workmanship. I just smiled."
B. Vickery, AL.

"Just wanted to let you know that I played the guitar in public for the first time today and several people came up to inspect your work. Even at a distance it is creating quite a stir. I'm still getting to know her, just really wonderful so far. It is a sheer joy to hear such incredible tone."
B. McLaughlin, MN.

Shaman"After some extensive thought and research, I have come to the realization that

B. Creasman, of the Electric Magi, MI.

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